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Datadrive Series AC Motor Speed Control Devices

DATADRIVE 3 Phase AC Motor Drivers; For 3-Phase Asynchronous Motor Applications from 0,75kW to 300kW, it is a modern speed control device which operates with IPM-SPWM technique which can set the speed of the motor at the desired value from zero with high starting torque. In addition to the standard parametric values, the addition of sectoral applications developed with user requests to the packages and adding them to the menu has made it easier for the user to adjust without having to fight with complicated technologies. It is a robust and reliable new generation of motor speed controller designed with the greatest possibility of difficult network conditions and user error probability of our country. The goal in all sectors is common: to keep the final product quality at the highest level while maximizing production efficiency at the lowest possible cost. With AC drives; normal operation also controls the stress of the system, and saves energy when performing a potential speed control. More

Why Speed Control is Necessary.

Reduced maintenance costs: D.O.L. Mechanical and electrical loads are reduced to a minimum when compared with starting, reducing maintenance requirements.

Increase of production: If necessary, increase the speed above the nominal speed to increase production.

Saving energy: In many applications such as Pump & Fan, it saves energy in large quantities at low speed, which means the process needs.

Quality improvement: Product quality improves with optimum process control.


For 3 Phase Asynchronous Motors;


. 1 Phase 220VAC Motor Drivers


. 3 Phase 380VAC Motor Drivers

General Specifications

Easy commisioning and use

Reduced noise levels

Restart (automatic restart in 2 seconds)

Motor and driver protection

Use of smaller fuses and supply connectors by reducing current drawn from the mains during take-off

Reduction of peak currents in the electrical network

Control Types

Reduction of mechanical shock during take-off and stopping

Technical Specifications

Voltage and Power Range

200-240 V, ± 10%, 1 Phase AC, 0.75 - 3 kW ( 1 - 4 HP )

380-480 V, ± 10%, 4 - 110kW ( 1 - 150 HP )

Operating Temperature

From 0.75 to 110 kW (1 HP - 150 HP ) (CT): -10 °C ve +50 °C range

Process Control Internal PID Control

Control Types

Open loop, parameterizable V / f Characteristic,

Control Input and Output

3 digital input, 1 analog input, 1 analog output, 2 relay output

Usage Areas

Conveyor (conveyor belts), fan, pump, production machines, crane and elevator are the main usage areas.

It is successfully used in food and beverage, material handling, textile, ceramics, paper clay and paper, printing, rubber and plastic, woodworking, water and wastewater sectors.


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  • Datadigital-SVR Series Static Voltage Stabilizers

    It is a static voltage regulator that does not contain moving parts in its body. Voltage regulation is performed by microprocessor-controlled digital technology for milliseconds. There are no parts that are worn out and old in time. In conventional servo motor voltage regulators, however, mechanical friction parts such as engine collectors, variable transformer brushes, brush beds show a rapid wear. In continuous operation under load, the transformer surface is heated, abraded and even voltage disconnected and burn. Datadigital-SVR Static Voltage Regulators Thanks to its high-performance microprocessor and powerful feedback control algorithm, it protects itself and the load it feeds in abnormal situations such as over-current, over-temperature and short-circuit in dangerous low and high voltage of the mains voltage. RFI and EMI filter are standard . In today's modern digital age, especially in many emerging economies, power demand usually leads to high voltage fluctuations, and sudden collapses. Failure to observe these power irregularities may result in malfunction of the utility equipment. Our Voltage Regulators continuously monitor the incoming electrical network and automatically control the output voltage to ensure that the voltage reaching the load equipment remains constant at the required voltage in the event of a voltage surge or drop. Built-in protection also ensures that the load is constantly protected against high-energy fluctuations, sudden surges and transient currents. More


    . 1 Phase Static Voltage Stabilizers


    . 3 Phase Static Voltage Stabilizers

    General Specifications

    Advanced Technology Product, Full Digital Multi microprocessor control

    Thyristor Tap Changer

    Zero Transfer/No Distortion

    20 milisecond response time

    5000V/Second correction speed

    Overload,, Overcurrent protection

    Over Voltage, Low Voltage Protection (Surge, Sag, Spike)

    Output Short-Circuit Protection

    EMI / RFI Noise Filter

    True RMS-Actual effective measurement and display order

    Grafic LCD Display

    Password Controlled User Parameter Settings

    Manual By-Pass ( Standart ) / Oto By-Pass ( Optionally )

    Insulation transformator (optional)

    Compact Production

    Unconditional 2-year Warranty, 10-Year Parts Warranty

    Browser based remote management with ethernet connection. MOD-BUS with RS485 connection (optional)

    Production with ISO9001-2008 quality management system

    Technical Specifications

  • Input Voltage Ranges

    1F+N (170-260 V), ( 150-260 V), (130-260 V), (110-270 V ), (90-280 V), (80-270 V )
    1F+F (295-450 V), ( 260-450 V), (225-450 V), (190-470 V ), (155-485 V), (140-485 V ) ( 400 V ve 415 V optionally )

    Output Voltage

    1F+N (220 V) +/- %1~3, 1F+F (380 V) +/- %1~3 ( 400 V ve 415 V optionally )

    Process Control

    SCR (Thyristor) Tap Changer-Zero Current Swithing-Full Regulation at one cycle

    Control Types

    Multi-Microprocessor Control( DSPIC )

    Operation Frequency

    50 Hz +/-%5 (60 Hz Adjustable )


    >%97 ( Under nominal conditions, full load )

    Operating temperature

    -10 C ile + 50 C range ( special cooling unit )


    Passive and electronic protection (overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, peak, surge, sag and spike protection)


    Per Phase Graphic LCD Display Output Voltage, Output Voltage, Output Current, Load Percentage, Output Frequency, Regulator Status and Fault Information, Overload Warning, Over Temperature Warning, Input Fault Warning, Output Fault Warning, information can be monitored.


    Dry Contact ( Optionally; Ethernet / GPRS / USB / MODBUS TCP/IP )


    At the entrance of the system there is an electricity noise filtering special filter system and network filters.

    By Pass

    Manuel By pass ( Optionally; Auto By Pass )

    Relative humidity

    %90 ( condensing )

    Acoustic Noise

    Less than 50 dB (A)

    Protection Class

    Ip 20 ( Optionally; Outdoor Cabins)


    EN50091-1/EN62040-1(safe) EN50091-2/EN62040-2 (EMC)

    Usage Areas

    In the Energy Line Entries of hospitals, hotels, factories and industrial facilities,In Inductive Loads such as Air Conditioner, Fan, Pump, Cylinder Groups, In Elevator, Home, Office and Intelligent Buildings, Printing Machinery, Printing Machines, CNC Machine Tools , Telecommunication Equipment, Radio-TV Transmitters, Automation Equipment, Industrial Robots, Laser Devices, Textile and Drying Machines, Packaging, Packing and Bottling Machines, Woodworking Edge Sawing, Edge Banding, Turning and Milling, Injection and Extruders, Laboratory Equipments, Dentistry equipment in ..


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  • |Servo Regulator| Video (mp4)
  • DataUPS Series Uninterruptible Power Supply

    It eliminates the disadvantages such as interruption in work flow, loss of data in computers and erroneous information formation, high cost hardware failures, loss of production and product quality, improper operation of control systems. Apart from energy interruptions, other network problems with even more serious risks for electronic equipment can cause serious damages, especially in industrial plants. Since network harmonics, voltage spikes, voltage fluctuations and frequency variations can only be detected with the necessary measuring devices, they show themselves as a bad surprise at a bad time for most users, and such a technical malfunction can also lead to massive production losses. Thanks to the emerging semiconductor technologies, especially Online UPSs, it is possible to remove all these risks to the users and they provide the most important technical assurance in terms of the systems they are installed. What if it was not? Imagine that in the Intensive Care Unit, electricity is cut off by as much as 1 in 10 seconds, or that any surgery is due to fluctuations in the energetic environment or because of a sudden interruption ... A CNC device that you invested millions of dollars is broken by energy interruptions, that the pressure of a journalist has been halved due to discontinuities .. More


    . 1 Phase Input/1 Phase Output On-Line UPS


    . 3 Phase Input/1 Phase Output On-Line UPS


    . 3 Phase Input/3 Phase Output On-Line UPS

    General Specifications

    Low current harmonic distortion in input

    High input power factor

    High efficiency up to 94%

    Cold start feature

    Static and maintenance bypass switch

    Output short-circuit and overload protection

    External REPO entry

    192 events recorded (192 events, 4500 alarms)

    Time and calendar

    Automatic battery test, remaining battery time indication

    Heat-compensated charging system

    Regenerative feedback feature

    2 RS232 serial ports and 12 dry contact outputs

    Modular structure controlled by 3 DSPs

    Optional SNMP and MODBUS adapters

    Optional graphical touch panel

    Production according to EC EN62040

    Fully digital construction, fewer electronic components, less space

    Output current limitation

    Economics Study

    Advanced control at login

    Selectable input / output voltage / frequency range

    Split by-pass input (second input)

    Output DC leakage protection

    High charge current capability, 3-level battery protection, Charge / Discharge current indication

    Advanced remote control features

    2 Year Warranty

    10 year spare parts support

    Technical Specifications

  • 1/1 Phase On-Line UPS Technical Specification
  • 3/1 Phase On-Line UPS Technical Specification
  • 3/3 Phase On-Line UPS Technical Specification
  • Usage Areas

    Spare energy is required in every application ..

    Network Systems, Data Centers, Servers, Computers, Telecom Systems, Internet Service Providers, Medical Systems, Industrial Systems, CNN Machines, Automation Equipment, Industrial Robots, Laser Devices, Production Fields, Airport Systems, Military Applications, Security Systems, Alarm, warning and security systems, Sound and vision systems, Laboratories, Photo printing and processing devices ..


  • 1/1 Phase On-Line UPS Brochure (PDF)
  • 3/1 Phase On-Line UPS Brochure(PDF)
  • 3/3 Phase On-Line UPS Brochure(PDF)